Inspired by Nobel Prize winning research: The scientific path to younger skin. Inspired by the Nobel Prize 2019 research on cell oxygen regulation and its use in medical wound healing, the Tomorrowlabs [ HSF ] technology was created. It was designed to repair the most important signal for cellular self-healing. Healthy skin heals itself and thus retains its youth, but age and stress make us lose this ability. [ HSF ] aims to reactivate the impaired cellular regeneration mechanism and has shown in scientific studies that it can reduce signs of dermal aging.

Boosting Serum

Boosting Serum


With its ultra-light formulation, the serum ideally complements our [ HSF ] day care. It extends and intensifies the regenerative effects of [ HSF ] and prevents loss of elasticity as well as deep wrinkles.

Day Catalyst

Day Catalyst


Corrects visible signs of aging by focusing on the restoration of the body's cellular regeneration. Protects against harmful environmental influences in everyday life and prevents premature signs of dermal aging.

Eye Complex

Eye Complex


Eye cream with [ HSF ] technology. Aims at reactivating natural cellular regeneration. Designed for more resilience and strength, less swelling and dark shadows.

Lifting Elixir

Lifting Elixir


Our precious Lifting Elixir represents the latest development of the Tomorrowlabs R&D and acts as an optimized lifting signal for stressed skin! It combines the regenerative [ HSF ] effect with an ultra-light formula.

Overnight Activator

Overnight Activator


Designed for the optimal activation of your cells‘ own recovery mechanism. While you are resting, your skin’s functional characteristics gets fully restored. Signs of dermal aging are being reversed overnight.

Developed by doctors and dermatologically tested

Experienced dermatologists are convinced of the [ HSF ] technology, which can lead to a visible smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles as well as an improved skin structure. Tomorrowlabs products are dermatologist tested and suitable for all skin types.

Science based on Nobel Prize-winning research. The discovery of the HIF regeneration signal of our cells was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2019. This mechanism allows healthy skin to regenerate itself and keep its youthful appearance. But age and stress limit this ability. The result are signs of aging in our skin. The [  HSF  ] ["HIF strengthening factor"] technology created by Tomorrowlabs was developed to activate the cell's most important self-healing signal. The body can counteract skin aging on its own via the HIF mechanism making an important contribution to the prevention and control of dermal signs of age. The scientific literature is aware of various consequences of HIF activation in the human body:

Effect against chronological and UV-induced skin aging

Cytoprotective factors (contribute to tissue regeneration)

Skin thickness, collagen density, tensile strength and skin elasticity

Nutrient supply of skin and hairs

Regeneration and protection against UV radiation and infections

Integrity of the cell membrane and protection against free radicals

Clinically proven optical skin rejuvenation. The effectiveness of Tomorrowlabs [ HSF ] technology was validated by a dermatologically controlled split-face study with 33 participants. The three-dimensional measurement of the skin‘s surface structure after 6 weeks of treatment confirmed a visual rejuvenation to the extent of 2.8 years. Physicians confirm that [ HSF ] significantly reduces wrinkles and fine lines and increases dermal firmness, elasticity and moisture. Tomorrowlabs products maintain the important barrier function of the skin and are suitable for all skin types.

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less lip wrinkles 1

less crow's feet 1

higher skin moisture 1

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continue the treatment 1

Before and after comparison after 6 weeks [ HSF ] treatment


"As I keep receiving skin care products for testing, I was curious about Tomorrowlabs - but a bit reserved. Now I've been using the products for three months and I'm really pleasantly surprised: finally an active ingredient that lives up to its name. HSF works! It's plumping and tightening my skin ... yesterday my beautician (who I hadn't seen in three months) asked me if I had used the time to do a face-lift."

Maria N.

"I always only use premium products, but after 10 weeks of Tomorrowlabs HSF, I have to say that this is really great and cannot be compared to anything. I have never been able to experience a product promise in the cosmetic field so convincingly! Marketing is one thing, but in the end only the result counts - and that's true wizardry. My skin has undergone real change! It is perfectly moist, much plumper, smoother and more even and has a natural glow. Even my natural skin tone has better blood circulation."

Doris G.

"I am 47 years old and have been using the Tomorrowlabs Overnight Activator with HSF for some time now. My complexion has drastically improved, the pores and mimic wrinkles have also reduced. I look fresher and I'm very satisfied with my results. The Overnight Activator is rich, is quickly absorbed by my skin and is odorless. My skin no longer shines and the pores are no longer clogged. The price-performance ratio is very good because the cream is very economical."

Nadine F.

"After decades of searching for the best skin care product, I came across Tomorrowlabs. After initial skepticism - after all, no product care line has really convinced me - I have been a completely convinced customer for quite some time. My skin looked significantly younger after a short period of use of the HSF products and tighter, the complexion is finer. The blemishes and redness that have constantly appeared before it are gone, the wrinkles are significantly less, the skin feeling is incredibly pleasant. This positive result is not only confirmed by my subjective feeling, I also get many compliments about my radiant appearance. The products are highly recommended, they actually do what they promise."

Edith S.

"I'm thrilled with the Tomorrowlabs cream because it instantly makes the skin very soft. HSF does what it promises because after a short application you can see how the skin looks fresh and young! Above all, the serum is highly recommended - it absorbs quickly and prevents aging very well!"

Margit D.
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