What makes Tomorrowlabs HSF products special?


Inspired by pioneering medical research on natural cell regeneration, our patented HSF technology is based on a novel mechanism of action offering unrivalled efficiency in the prevention and reversal of signs of dermal aging. Thanks to the activation of cellular regenerative mechanisms normally defunct in mature skin, true structural rejuvenation is achieved by restoring the skin to its youthful state. This ensures maximum effectiveness in the prevention and reversal of signs of dermal aging by significantly improving skin quality, cellular protection and natural regeneration.



Are there studies on the anti-aging effects of HSF?


Both extensive studies conducted by independent experts and leading scientific research prove that HSF technology provides significant anti-aging results and is the most effective mechanism to enable the regeneration of mature skin. Dermatologically controlled split-face studies demonstrate the significantly positive effect of the Tomorrowlabs HSF products on wrinkle depth and skin moisture levels.



Are HSF products suitable for all skin types?


HSF products are dermatologically controlled and safe for all types of skin. Each of our products was awarded the highest rating.



Where can I buy Tomorrowlabs products?


The highly effective Tomorrowlabs products are exclusively available via physicians, which guarantees both optimal advice and a constant review of the successes of treatment with HSF products. Patients registered by their doctors can also purchase the products via the Tomorrowlabs online shop which offers free shipping to most European countries.



Which doctors in my area have HSF products?


If you do not know whether a physician in your vicinty has Tomorrowlabs products, please contact us directly using the contact form on our webpage.



As a physician - how do I become a Tomorrowlabs partner?


Please contact us directly using the contact form on our webpage. We will get back to you as soon as possible.



What ingredients are used in HSF products?


The unique anti aging effect of our products is the result of our patented active ingredient HSF. Our products further contain other commonly used, highly concentrated anti-aging ingredients, which, compared to HSF, offer small but additional positive effects for the skin.



Where do Tomorrowlabs HSF products get manufactured?


All our products are carefully produced in Austria according to strict quality standards using only the best ingredients.



How long does delivery take?


The Tomorrowlabs online shop offers free shipping to most European countries. We use highly professional partners and usually shipping takes no more than 3 workdays.