There is something that can be done about hereditary hair loss. The cause of hereditary hair loss or androgenetic alopecia is a reduced blood and nutrient supply to the hair follicle triggered by hormonal factors. This leads to the continual shortening of the hair’s growth cycles and a shrinking of the hair follicle itself. Ultimately this results in thinning hair and hair loss. By improving the nutrient supply to the hair follicle, you can tackle hereditary hair loss at its root and support the regrowth of the hair.

Eyelash Booster

Eyelash Booster


The high-frequency signal for long eyelashes without prohibited hormones! The Eyelash Booster is based on the innovative [ HSF ] technology and aims to sustainably and naturally boost eyelash growth.

Hair Restoration Foam

Hair Restoration Foam


Tackle hair loss and thinning hair at its root with the Tomorrowlabs Hair Restoration products based on the [ HSF ] active ingredient complex. The Hair Restoration Foam is ideal for short hair and areas with thin hair. Can be applied precisely and easily. For men and women.

Hair Restoration Liquid

Hair Restoration Liquid


Tackle hair loss and thinning hair at its root with the Tomorrowlabs Hair Restoration products based on the [ HSF ] active ingredient complex. The Hair Restoration Liquid with its practical applicator allows for precise application to the scalp even in areas with thick and long hair. For men and women.

Inspired by Nobel Prize research: The scientific path to fuller hair. In 2019 the Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to three top researchers from the USA and UK for their discovery of the regenerative cell signal HIF. HIF is essential for the supply of nutrients to the hair follicle. Age and stress inactivate this cellular signal however - as a result the hair follicle is poorly supplied with nutrients and atrophies. [ HSF ] was developed to protect HIF and to reactivate it. HIF plays an important role in the optimal supply of nutrients to the hair follicles. A sufficient supply of nutrients is an important prerequisite for longer hair growth cycles and enables already shrunken hair to grow back stronger and longer.

Laboratory and clinically tested effectiveness for hereditary hair loss. The innovative [ HSF ] active ingredient technology was developed based on knowledge deducted from Nobel Prize winning research abnd is designed to tackle hereditary hair loss at its root. In hair model studies, HSF demonstrated its growth-promoting properties in an examination of the hair follicles.3 An active ingredient complex contained in the Tomorrowlabs Hair Restoration products together with [ HSF ] targets stem cells and fibroblasts in order to improve hair growth and at the same time reduce hereditary hair loss. In a clinical investigation of 26 subjects with androgenetic alopecia the active ingredient complex led to a clinically measurable increase in hair growth and reduction in hair loss after three months of daily use.1 Over the duration of the study, its effect on hair quantity, hair thickness, hair length and the growth rate and duration of Hair growth phase (anagen phase) was examined. Tomorrowlabs HSF hair products have been specifically designed for hereditary hair loss and are skin friendly.

Overview of investigated parameters of the ingridient complex1:


Progressive hereditary hair loss

[ HSF ] makes your eyelashes appear fuller and even more beautiful. Scientific studies show that the active ingredient complex used in the [ HSF ] Eyelash Booster helps eyelashes to grow longer and stronger.2 While the law has banned skin-irritating hormones, [ HSF ] represents an innovative and skin-friendly alternative to support eyelash growth in a natural way. The technology of Tomorrowlabs is based on the findings of Nobel Prize winning medical research relating to the discovery of the cellular self-healing signal HIF. The Eyelash Booster was developed to optimize the growth of the eyelashes by improved nutrient supply. Visible results are possible after only 2 weeks. Strengthening the hair follicle makes eyelashes appear more beautiful and full.

Designed for fuller lashes that appear thicker, stronger and longer

Free of hormones prohibited by law and skin-friendly

[ HSF ] aims to optimize the growth phase of the hair follicles

First results can be visible after 14 days

Suitable for long term use

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