Nobel Prize for the discovery of cellular regeneration. In 2019 William G. Kaelin, Sir Peter Ratcliffe and Gregg L. Semenza were awarded the Nobel Prize for discovering the regenerative mechanism of our cells. This "Hypoxia Inducable Factor" (HIF) is a protein present within the cells and responsible for the renewal of our tissue. The HIF signaling pathway enables healthy skin to heal itself and thus to preserve its youth. Age and stress prevent this renewal, by triggering a biochemical change in HIF. HIF is then no longer recognized and gets broken down by the body. Cellular regeneration comes to a standstill.

Tomorrowlabs [ HSF ] aims to reactivate cellular regeneration. If cell regeneration slows down, visible signs of aging of our skin and hair are the consequence. The “HIF strengthening factor” [ HSF ] used by Tomorrowlabs was designed to repair this regenerative mechanism in an innovative manner. [ HSF ] aims to prevent the degradation of HIF and thus to reactivate this signal. HIF enables the body to regenerate itself at the cellular level. This knowledge of Nobel Prize winning research is the basis of the Tomorrowlabs product development, which designs products with a focus on skin aging and hair loss. In clinical studies, [ HSF ] leads to fewer wrinkles and a rejuvenated skin structure. HIF recovery can also support nutrient supply. Adequate nutrient supply is the first step in reducing hair loss and is important for healthy, regrowing hair.

Developed with a focus on dermal aging and hereditary hair loss

[ HSF ] works by restoring the central regenerative cellular signal back to its optimal level. It removes foreign particles from the cell and thereby stops the undesired breakdown of an important signalling molecule. This brings cellular functionality back to a youthful level and the body can again regenerate itself. Scientific studies show that this results in structural skin rejuvenation through the reconstruction of collagen fibers, an improved nutrient supply and the activation of our body's own growth factors. The visible reduction of wrinkles and the restoration of a youthful skin structure could be shown by a clinical study. The Tomorrowlabs Hair Restoration Products were designed to tackle root-related hair loss. [ HSF ] is suitable for all skin types without hesitation and is very kind to the skin.

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