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Tomorrowlabs now available at Douglas Austria


As an Austrian biotech company, Tomorrowlabs is excited to begin its partnership with Via its effective anti-aging products and innovative approaches to counter hereditary hair loss based on its proprietary [ HSF ] active ingredient technology, Tomorrowlabs has a strong UPS in its focus on scientific research. [ HSF ] aims to reactivate a crucial regenerative mechanism in our cells. The discovery of this mechanism was awarded with the 2019 Nobel Prize in Medicine. Scientific studies on the effectiveness of [ HSF ] technology in the context of optical skin rejuvenation and hereditary hair loss have been published in leading medical journals.


Scientific article on [ HSF ] HIF modulation and essential mechanisms of hair regeneration published in the medical journal Dermatology.


The renowned journal Dermatology is one of the most respected medical journals and has been published continuously since 1893. The article deals with the molecular mechanisms of hair regeneration and in particular with the [HSF] HIF modulation as a new concept in this area. The top-class international research team that published this article includes scientists from the fields of plastic surgery and dermatology from the universities of Munich (TU), Stanford, Galveston Texas, Heidelberg, Graz, Aachen, Leipzig, Halle and the Charité Berlin.


All [ HSF ] articles


Scientific study on [ HSF ] effects accepted for publication in world's leading journal of aesthetic dermatology.


We look forward to the forthcoming publication of our study "A single center blinded randomized clinical trial to evaluate the anti-aging effects of a novel HSF ™" in the scientific "Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology". This specialist journal for dermatologists intensively examines each paper before publication, which confirms the relevance of our research. The research has been conducted together with colleagues from the universities of Stanford and Pittsburgh and represents a comprehensive clinical investigation of the [ HSF ] effect (randomized controlled split face trial with 32 participants).


Handelsblatt, Germany's largest business and financial newspaper, published an extensive article about the success story of Tomorrowlabs


With the headline "How the beauty start-up Tomorrowlabs conquers the market", Handelsblatt, Germany's largest business and financial newspaper, has reviewed the history of the Tomorrowlabs company in a comprehensive editorial. Handelsblatt has previously won the award for “Best Newspaper in Europe” at the European Newspaper Awards and, according to the GPRA trust index, is the most trustworthy daily newspaper in Germany and the most cited business title in Germany.


Tomorrowlabs now available at Douglas Germany as the new biotech flagship brand for skin care and hair growth products


Thanks to an exclusive partnership with Europe's largest retailer for high-quality skin care products, Tomorrowlabs products are now available at Douglas Germany. The goal of the cooperation is make Tomorrowlabs products available across all European markets.


The scientific results of a medical doctoral thesis on the effects of [ HSF ] now released as a chapter in a new textbook for plastic surgery by publishing company Springer.


The chapter "Iron Chelators & HIF-1α: A New Frontier for Skin Rejuvenation" in the newly published textbook "Regenerative Medicine and Plastic Surgery” by the scientific publishing company Springer covers in depth the [ HSF ] mechanism of action. This textbook presents the latest advances in the field of regenerative medicine in plastic surgery, documents the ways that plastic surgical practice and regenerative medicine science overlap and provides a road map for the future of both specialties.


New article on [ HSF ] effects on skin and hair published in Leading Opinions Dermatology & Plastic Surgery.


DThe German journal for plastic surgery and aesthetic dermatology regularly reports on the mechanisms behind the aging process and new ways of maintaining a youthful appearance. We are pleased that [ HSF ] is presented in the current edition as a particularly promising approach in the fight against age-related deficits of the skin and its appendages.


[ HSF ] technology „The new frontier of skin Rejuvenation“ wins the award for best lecture at the International Congress of Medical Sciences 2018 in Sofia, Bulgaria


DThe results on the close correlation between [ HSF ] treatment and sustainable skin rejuvenation clearly prove that [ HSF ] actively restores the biological regenerative mechanisms that decrease with age. The study, presented by medical researchers, was awarded the congress‘ prize for best lecture due to its important contribution to research in a pioneering area of regenerative medicine. We congratulate all participating scientists.


Tomorrowlabs sponsors the Houskapreis 2018 for outstanding research by Austrian companies


The B&C Private Foundation, Austria's largest private industrial management company, has been founded to promote Austrian entrepreneurship. The Houska award is awarded each year to outstanding business-related research achievements by Austrian companies and endowed with a total of 400,000 euros by the B&C Private Foundation. As an Austrian high-tech company, Tomorrowlabs is pleased to be able to support this important event.


Tomorrowlabs [ HSF ] lectures at the 9th International Conference for Regenerative Surgery in Rome and the 8th Bozner Symposium of Plastic Surgery


Tomorrowlabs is pleased to announce the lecture "Skin rejuvenation through HIF-alpha upregulation - A new treatment paradigm in anti-aging medicine" at the 9th International Conference for Regenerative Surgery in Rome on December 15-16, 2017. Further there will be two lectures at the 8th Bozner Symposium of Plastic Surgery January 26-28, 2018. The lectures will cover background data on our patented mechanism of action and results of our research in the field of minimally invasive facial rejuvenation using lifting threads.


Scientific article on [ HSF ] technology accepted for publication by the world's leading journal for plastic surgery


We are proud to announce that the article"Skin rejuvenation through HIF-alpha modulation" has been accepted for publication by the world's best journal in the field of plastic surgery, the American Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (PRS). Only articles that have passed a rigorous quality check by proven specialists in the field are published in PRS. Together with the authors from the universities of Munich, Stanford, Vienna, Linz and Florida, we are happy about this important milestone.


Lecture award for [ HSF ] research at the European Plastic Surgery Research Council 2017


As part of the European Plastic Surgery Research Council 2017 (August 24 - 26, 2017), the latest research results on the skin rejuvenating effects of [ HSF ] technology were presented to an international medical audience. For the lecture “Skin Rejuvenation Through Hif-1 Alpha Upregulation”, which shed light on the study results of the scientific collaboration with Tomorrowlabs, the authors received the prize for best lecture of the internationally respected congress. The keen interest in the [ HSF ] technology demonstrated by the audience and the assessment by the EPSRC jury prove the practical relevance of the activation of cellular regeneration mechanisms for the effective protection against as well as reversal of dermal signs of aging. We congratulate all participating researchers.

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