Formulated in accordance with scientific findings: nutritional supplements from the future. Thanks to intensive development work, Tomorrowlabs has managed to combine the trend-setting [ HSF ] technology with a perfectly balanced formula of high tech and natural ingredients for internal use. The result: The [ HSF ] Capsules food supplement series for optimal support of the three cell skills for maximum cell health, more well-being and a radiant appearance.

Cell Capsules

[ HSF ] Cell Capsules


The importance of the cell as the engine of our body's health has led us to investigate whether its regenerative function can be supported from within - for optimal cell health we need functioning cell skills.

Skin Capsules

[ HSF ] Skin Capsules


The well-being of the cell as the smallest building block of our organism forms the basis of the healthy inside and outside of the whole person. For an optimal appearance of our skin we have to optimize our cells.

Hair Capsules

[ HSF ] Hair & Nail Capsules


Developed for people who want to optimize the appearance of their hair and nails. With a perfectly balanced formula of high tech and natural ingredients.



Regeneration concept around the 3 cellular skills How can we age in a healthy way and prevent age-related diseases? The concept of regeneration through the power of the 3 cellular skills is about fighting the processes of aging, thereby extending our healthy life. This is to be achieved by counteracting the deterioration in cell function that normally accompanies age. Cell functionality is based on three important skills:


1. Renewal

With increasing age, the ability of cells to renew themselves through cell division (mitosis) decreases. However, this process is essential for growth, the regeneration of injuries and the replacement of old cells. In order to strengthen the cell renewal skill, we must therefore support our DNA repair systems!


2. Energy generation

The efficiency of our cells' energy production decreases with age. Mitochondria are the cell's powerhouses, but in older cells they only generate half as much energy as in young cells. This decline in performance is largely responsible for the fact that some activities appear more strenuous and difficult for older people. To strengthen the cell skill energy production, we must therefore support our mitochondria!


3. Detoxification

Our cell metabolism is constantly producing waste products and their accumulation is one of the most prominent molecular symptoms of aging. Due to the reduced ability to break down these waste products in old age, these substances accumulate in the cell body. It therefore makes sense to support the cell skill detoxification, the removal of these substances from the cell body.

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